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Instructions to add paintings

1- right-click picture to open in "ACD Photo Enhance" 2- rotate if necessary 3- crop if necessary (choose size and double click) 4- resize to Width about 300 and height about 450 5- save as "to a useful name" no spaces, no accents, underscore (_) OK 6- click on Paintings or More Paintings 7- click on "upload image" 7a) image name: add the name of the painting as you want it under the listings 7b) Image Description: add the full information about the painting (will only be shown next to individual picture) 7c) Gallery: Painting for vertical, Painting2 for horizontal 7d) URL: do not use 7e) Upload from disk: click Browse and find the picture on your local hard drive. 7f) Thumbnail (optional, overrides automatic thumbnail generation): do not use 7g) click "upload" 8 verify

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