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Set in Northern Quebec, in the 1950’s, Under the Yellow Kite captures the struggles and survival of an Inuit woman, who decides to leave her abusive husband in quest of finding a better life for herself and her son. Despite the objections from her people, her traditions, her village and her mother, an Inuit woman does not leave her husband, for he is the provider and hunter of her household. However, her husband`s obsession to hunt caribou accuses his wife of bringing him failure and ill luck. At the same time, her husband`s half brother is in love with Naskitchu, confined to an impossible love as the conflicts between brothers intensify. In this tapestry, Naskitchu recalls when she was a young girl and of Miss Rice, the white missionary teacher who had come to her village to teach the white man’s ways. Set in a poetic backdrop, the cold, the North, the Evil Spirits lingering behind snow mountains, Under the Yellow Kite portrays a woman’s courage against all odds.
Kasimir Publishing
Rose Marie Colucci
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Image Name:Under the Yellow Kite Ebook (PDF) $5.99