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When Angela Todino inherited the pizzeria from her late husband, she felt distressed at having to run it and decides to sell the business. Across the street, Signore Damore, the elegant owner of a high-class seafood restaurant Lobster for Dinner is interested in acquiring the pizzeria. Together with his three sons, Vincenzo, Antonio and Sergio, their mission is to eliminate the competition yet, the contenders come just the same. First comes Boyd Dolby, a Texan, who wants to expand his burger business to convert the pizzeria into a burger franchise the old American way. Followed by Jean-Guy Tremblay from Quebec, who wants to open a “poutine” joint to make it a national dish. And finally, Jasper Norris, who wants to expand his shoe fashion warehousing industry. At the same time, Maurice the cook, has a gambling debt with Brutus Mackenzie, owner of La Roulotte and when Maurice can’t pay back his debt, Brutus claims payment over the pizzeria. Together with the twin waitresses, Luigi the delivery man, Maurice, and the three aunts, what will Angela do?
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