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Ideal for beginners who want to learn the English language, Basic ESL Beginner Verbs focuses on providing the basis for learning verb tenses such as “be, do, have, go” as well as other common verbs. Present, Past, Future and negation tenses for beginners are presented in context, using clear and simple explanations. The goal of Basic ESL Beginner Verbs is to establish a solid verb foundation as a building process to allow an easier comprehension of the English language. With our user-friendly approach to verb explanations, exercises are provided after each lesson. In addition, a section featuring Practice and Sentence Building will facilitate a better understanding of the lessons introduced. With answers at the end of workbook, you will enjoy learning English using the ESL Beginner Verbs as a reference guide and study tool. Basic ESL Beginner Verbs will provide a solid base for verb construction to help the transition towards ESL Intermediate Verbs and ESL Advanced Verbs.
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